Online as of today: Manual on the survey methods of the BMS

Since 2019, the research team of the Biodiversity Monitoring South Tyrol has been surveying the biodiversity in the most important habitats of our province. But how exactly do the surveys proceed? On the website of the Biodiversity Monitoring under “What do we survey” you can read about the method used for each animal and plant group surveyed. But now the research team’s method manual has also been published. In it, the researchers describe in detail what they need for their surveys, how precisely and how long they carry out the single surveys. One of the reasons the handbook was published is that research must always be replicable: That is, another researcher should arrive at the same results under the same conditions. To ensure this, the methods have now been written down. The method manual can also be interesting for amateur researchers in South Tyrol. After all, their surveys can only be available for research if they are carried out according to standardized methods. In this sense: Have fun reading and following the methods.

The method manual (in English language) can be downloaded here:

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