Welcome to the website of Biodiversity Monitoring South Tyrol!

Biodiversity Monitoring South Tyrol is an ongoing survey of our inventory of nature. The monitoring not only serves basic research, but is also intended to provide the scientific basis for political decisions concerning spatial planning, agriculture and nature conservation. It surveys sensitive species groups that react to climate and land-use changes. Apart from single taxonomic groups, the survey will also include the landscape and habitats of the surrounding areas.
All this information is assessed in 320 sites distributed over the entire province of South Tyrol (7400 km2) including a large share of the diversity of habitats in our region. The monitoring studies both man-made and managed habitats and near-natural habitats like forests, wetlands and alpine sites.

Biodiversity Monitoring South Tyrol has been set up under the direction of Eurac Research in collaboration with the Museum for Nature South Tyrol and the provincial government of South Tyrol.


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