Factsheet: The biodiversity of a single site not only depends on the investigated habitat, but also on its surroundings. Especially for mobile animals such as birds, bats and butterflies it is crucial that they find areas where they can feed or nest. Only if we have data about the landscape mosaic around the single sites can we evaluate what factors really influence the local flora and fauna.

Methods: We monitor an area of 400 x 400 m around each site. We use the classification following the Checklist of habitats of South Tyrol that includes natural and anthropogenic habitats. The habitats are mapped directly in the field with a minimum area for the single habitat polygones of 10 m². We use orthophoto as a baseline to develop cartographic maps. In the case of a habitat being listed in the European Habitats Directive (92/43/EEC) an evaluation of the conservation status is done.