City Nature Challenge 2022

This is the question at stake from Friday, April 29th to Monday, May 2nd, 2022 in the “City Nature Challenge“, which is being organized again this year by the Museum of Nature South Tyrol with the support of Eurac Research and the Provincial Office for Nature.

In the global event “City Nature Challenge 2022” (CNC), all citizens are invited to photograph and document as many animal and plant species as possible in their own city within a few days. It is a prime example of “citizen science” that was first held in 2016 between the two cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco. This year, more than 400 cities are participating in the “City Nature Challenge 2021”, and South Tyrol participates.

Those who want to participate in the #CNC2022 keep an eye out for wild plants, animals and fungi on the days mentioned and photograph them with a smartphone or tablet via the app iNaturalist. The integrated artificial intelligence will make a first determination, which will be checked or improved in a further step by the experts of Eurac Research, Nature Museum and the State Office for Nature.

And this is how you can participate!

1. download the iNaturalist App (Apple App Store, Google Play Store) on your smartphone

2. create a free iNaturalist account

3. take photos of wild plants, animals and fungi

4. tap “What did I see” in the app, and make a predetermination of the species you observed

5. upload your observations

6. done

Click here to go to the iNaturalist project page for South Tyrol: City Nature Challenge 2022: South Tyrol · iNaturalist

A short explanatory video can be found here