Colloquium of the Platform Biodiversity: Native biodiversity: how it has changed and why 

The landscape of South Tyrol has undergone significant changes in recent decades, unfortunately at the expense of native biodiversity. In this presentation, Erich Tasser gives an overview of the landscape transformation that have occurred in recent decades, exploring the driving forces behind this change and analyzing their consequences on selected species groups. Based on concrete research works from South Tyrol and surrounding regions, an arc is drawn from ecosystems to genetic diversity, from limnic to terrestrial, from floristic to faunistic species groups.

Erich Tasser researcher at the Institute for Alpine Environment at Eurac Research, has been researching the socio-ecological development of South Tyrol and their impacts on the ecosystems for 30 years.

The colloquium will take place at 6 p.m. Wednesday, January 10th, at the Museum of Nature South Tyrol in German language. Admission is free. Online registration is required.

The event can also be followed online on the Museum’s YouTube channel.