Colloquium of the Platform Biodiversity – The beaver is back, hooray!? Habitat and conflict potential, current developments and management

Once widely distributed in Central Europe, then nearly eradicated except for small relict populations, the beaver (Castor fiber) is now returning to European river landscapes and also to South Tyrol. Since the first sighting of a beaver in the Sextner Reservoir in 2020, individuals have established themselves in the small Drava river. Reason enough to start thinking early about the management of this conflict-loaded species. However, the beaver not only carries significant conflict potential but is also an enrichment for aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems as an ecosystem engineer and flagship species. Davide Righetti introduces the topic, talks about the occurrence at the border with East Tyrol, and provides insights into current monitoring results. Dominik Trenkwalder illustrates the habitat availability and conflict potential of the species in South Tyrol and Tyrol, which he has researched in detail as part of his thesis. In the final discussion, the speakers are available to answer questions from the audience.

Dominik Trenkwalder, an ecologist and forester at the Office for Wildlife Management of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, investigated habitat availability and conflict potential for beavers in South Tyrol in his master’s thesis. Davide Righetti, an experienced wildlife biologist at the Office for Wildlife Management of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, has been dealing with conflict-prone species for years.

The event can also be followed online on the Museum’s YouTube channel.