Colloquium of the Platform Biodiversity: The fish fauna of South Tyrol: changes, new arrivals, threats

Fish fauna is an important group of organisms for the assessment of water bodies, according to the Water Framework Directive, and individual species are also of economic interest. Overall, however, it is expected that there will be winners and losers among the various fish species due to changing habitat conditions. There are numerous surveys of the fish fauna in South Tyrol, but an overall evaluation of all data, and an assessment of temporal changes has been possible only to a limited extent. A project of the Museum of Nature South Tyrol closes this gap by unifying all available fishery data, locating them correctly, and analyzing them holistically. In this presentation Georg H. Niedrist gives an overview of the fish fauna of South Tyrol, shows distribution limits of particular fish species, and also illustrates longer-term effects of stocking measures or the course of neozoan colonization in South Tyrol’s ditches.

Georg H. Niedrist works at the Engineering office for biology and water ecology and has been researching the waters of the Alpine region for many years.

The Colloquium takes place at on December 15th in the Museum for Natural Science (via Bottai 1, Bolzano). Due to current Covid measures, only 34 people can attend in person. We therefore ask for registration. Admission is free. Info: Tel. 0471 412964

The presentation will be held in German language.