Colloquium of the Platform Biodiversity: Rivers of science

The mountains, the “water towers” of our planet, directly contribute to the quality of life of about 2 billion people, which corresponds to 25% of the world’s population. This is also true for South Tyrol, where many economic and recreational activities are closely linked to the water ecosystem. However, the relationship between the mountains that provide water resources and the people who use them is gradually changing due to climatic, sociological and ecological phenomena that are changing the face of the mountain as it was known until a few years ago.
Eurac Research has a long tradition of studying streams, but in recent years in particular it has focused on issues such as climate change, sustainable management of hydropower production, and the drastic loss of biodiversity.
The presentation will provide insight into the areas of mountain water ecology that Eurac Research’s Institute for Alpine Environment is currently working on: from the study of climate change and energy production by small hydropower plants in the “open-air laboratory” in the Matsch Valley, to a Europe-wide study on the ecological value of ponds, to the study of aquatic biodiversity in the context of the Biodiversity Monitoring South Tyrol.

The Colloquium takes place on February 9th at 6 pm in the Museum for Natural Science (via Bottai 1, Bolzano). Due to current Covid measures, only 34 people can attend in person. We therefore ask for registration. Admission is free. Info: Tel. 0471 412964.

The presentation will be held in Italian and German language.

Participation possible also online on YouTube: