Colloquium of the Platform Biodiversity: High mountain birds and habitat fragmentation: a wake-up call from landscape genomics

Species tied to alpine and open habitats are threatened by climate change and anthropogenic impacts. Under these circumstances, it is crucial that individuals can move and exchange between increasingly confined and isolated habitats. The combination of population genetics and landscape ecology allows us to study dispersal ability, effects on gene flow, and the role of landscape structure. The mountain pipit and snow finch – two highly representative members of the alpine avifauna – were selected for this combined approach. This provides information on their dispersal capacity, which may contribute to the conservation of their population.

The project ” Population connectivity in high alpine birds threatened by climate change” involves the Museum of Nature South Tyrol (Bolzano), MUSE Trento, Eurac Research (Bolzano) and the University of Oulu (Finland). The project is financed by the Fond Research Südtirol / Alto Adige from the Office for Research of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.

Francesco Ceresa is working on ecology, behavior and protection of avifauna. He collaborates with the Museum of Nature South Tyrol and with various research groups in Italy and abroad.

The colloquium will be held at 6 p.m. Wednesday, April 12th, at the Museum of Nature South Tyrol in Italian language. Admission is free. Online registration is required.

The event can also be followed online on the Museum’s YouTube channel: