Colloquium of the Platform Biodiversity: the collection of South Tyrolean cereal landraces

Landraces are traditional varieties that have developed over time through environmental selection and conscious or unconscious breeding by farmers in a given place. In South Tyrol, systematic collection of landraces began in the 1990s. These collection activities have resulted in a large collection that is representative of most traditional crops. In addition to collection and conservation, gene bank activities also include characterization of the collected assortment. During the conference, the collection will be presented and some results on the characterization of South Tyrolean cereal varieties will be discussed.

Manuel Pramsohler heads the working group for arable cultivation and herbs at the Experimental Center Laimburg and is also involved, among other things, in the conservation and description of South Tyrolean landraces.

The colloquium will take place at 6 p.m. Wednesday, October 11th, at the Museum of Nature South Tyrol in Italian and German language. Admission is free. Online registration is required.

The event can also be followed online on the Museum’s YouTube channel.