Matteo Anderle

Ornithologist | When the rest of the team is still asleep, he sacrifices his sleep to track birds
T +39 0471 055 828

Roberta Bottarin

Limnologist | She is used to wading through icy cold streams
T +39 0471 055 313

Elia Guariento

Entomologist | He is ready for a sprint whenever a butterfly crosses his way
T +39 0471 055 298

Andreas Hilpold

Project Manager | Trying to get things done… again and again 
T +39 0471 055 345

Lisa Obwegs

Entomologist | Always searching for bugs and their antagonists
T +39 0471 055 307

Chiara Paniccia

Mammologist | Fond to organize and arrange ecological data 
T +39 0471 055 827

Julia Plunger

Entomologist | Digging holes in all kinds of habitats in order to catch tiny animals
T +39 0471 055 346

Alberto Scotti

Limnologist | Discovering beautiful creatures hidden under stones in the water
T +39 0471 055 347

Ulrike Tappeiner

Project Leader | Guarantees that we don’t lose track 
T +39 0471 055 301

Julia Seeber

Soil ecologist | Distinguishing between shades of brown and grey in order to give soils a name 
T +39 0471 055 318

Simon Stifter

Botanist | When dawn is coming Simon is still searching for small grasses 
T +39 0471 055 826

Michael Steinwandter

Soil ecologist | Likes to take long hikes up and come back with a heavy load of soil 
T +39 0471 055 313

Julia Strobl

Communication and dissemination assistant | Likes to share her love for nature
T +39 0471 055 832

Associated scientists

Eva Ladurner

Mammologist | When it comes to mice and bats Eva is our great support

Florian Reichegger

Mammologist | Bat ecologist… headphones are his best friends

Alexander Rief

Arachnologist | Likes to chase small invertebrates with (too) many legs and eyes

Johannes Rüdisser

Ecologist and biodiversity researcher | Our  butterfly monitoring expert and advisor for methodical and ecological topics

Daniel Spitale

Bryologist | Possesses the necessary sensitivity and patience to identify small moss plants

René Federspieler

Entomologist | On search for rare butterflies.


Current Trainees

Joseph Kiem (I)

Internship concluded

Nicolo Chiappetta (I)

Julius Hecher (A)