Colloquium of the Platform Biodiversity: ALFFA: Holistic (cross-scale) analysis of influencing factors and their effect on fish fauna in the inner Alpine region

The Colloquium will take place on May 12th at 6pm in the Nature Museum, or ONLINE in German language.

In the large-scale INTERREG Italia-Austria project, scientists investigated and evaluated a variety of factors affecting fish populations at 81 sampling sites in South, North and East Tyrol. Fish show the ecological condition of a water body. The aim was to obtain an overall picture of the quality of fish habitats and to derive essential guidelines for fish-friendly water management in the Alpine region.

The speaker Katja Schmölz is an ecologist and project collaborator at the ALFFA project at the Institute for Alpine Environment, Eurac Research.

Attention, if you want to participate in the museum: reduced number of participants!

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