Butterflies going to school

The Biodiversity Monitoring South Tyrol has set itself the goal not only to study the biodiversity in the most important habitats of South Tyrol, but also to inform the public about the various animal and plant groups and to inform them about their occurrence and their special requirements.

In 2022, a very special educational campaign will take place: the Viel-Falter workshops! With the help of these workshops, children and young people will be sensitized to the topic of biodiversity and to biodiversity research and will learn how valuable biodiversity and the various habitats are.

For this purpose, BMS employee Barbara Stoinschek went to various schools during school hours, and now in the summer to various environmental groups. She is equipped with a showcase, microscopes, catching nets and a suitcase full of games. With this material, the children learn about all the developmental stages of butterflies, their role as indicators of biodiversity, what they need to persist, and even learn to recognize some butterfly species and thus identify them themselves.

The 2022 action is a pilot action, modeled on the Austrian VielFalter project. In 2023, it will be repeated and again offered to elementary, middle and high schools in all three language groups. In addition, the campaign is to be expanded further: For example, Stoinschek would like to hold a teacher training course so that various teachers can in turn hold Viel-Falter workshops and thus get as many young people as possible excited about nature.