Colloquium of the Platform Biodiversity: Biodiversity Monitoring South Tyrol: Bats and their communities

In 2019, a standardized biodiversity monitoring program was launched in South Tyrol at the provincial level. The survey of bioindicator species, such as bats, aims to reveal the response of biodiversity to changes in land use and landscape. Data from two years of bat monitoring using ultrasound detectors will be presented, focusing on initial results on spatial and altitudinal distribution and habitat preferences of bat species in South Tyrol.

Chiara Paniccia, postdoctoral researcher at Eurac Research, ecologist, focuses on the effects of land use changes on bats and small mammals.

Eva Ladurner, freelance biologist focusing on biodiversity and species conservation of bats and small mammals, external collaborator of the Natural Museum of South Tyrol and Eurac Research.

The Colloquium takes place at the Museum for Natural Science (via Bottai 1, Bolzano). Due to current Covid measures, only 34 people can attend in person. We therefore ask for registration. Admission is free. Info: Tel. 0471 412964

Info: Tel. 0471 412964

The presentation will be held in German and Italian language.