Take the City Nature Challenge 2020!

On April 24-27 the first edition of the City Nature Challenge will take place.

South Tyrol is taking part in the City Nature Challenge for the first time! On April 25th and 26th, the citizens are asked to observe which animals, plants and fungi live in their houses and gardens.

By using the app iNaturalist people can store pictures of plants and animals online The Museum of Nature South Tyrol organizes the CNC together with Eurac Research and the Office for Nature of the Province. Further information can be found on the webpage of the Museum of Nature under this link!

The City Nature Challenge is an action that runs worldwide. On the last weekend in April, a friendly competition compares the cities in which more wild species are discovered, hence the name City Nature Challenge. Citizens raise their awareness of wild animals in their city. They get to know species that they rarely perceive in everyday life.

Urban habitats offer habitats for many living things, some of them also for very specialized species. In some areas, there are even more species in the urban environment than in rural areas. Some types in the CNC database are of great interest to scientists and for regional and international comparisons long after the CNC campaign.