ONLINE Colloquium of the Platform Biodiversity: The ecological niche 2.0: movements and constraints of animals in the anthropocene

The Colloquium will take place on November 11th at 6pm ONLINE.

Animals are distributed in space not by chance, but to acquire resources and to carry out interactions with other individuals or other species. This ‘realises’ its own ecological niche, or the set of chemical-physical conditions that allow the survival, in an Ecosystemic context. The Anthropocene sees one species prevailing over all the others for the impact and modification of these relationships: mankind. How do the other animal species react? What are the adaptations and insurmountable obstacles we create? Mammalian research in the Alps is placed in an ecosystemic and global context.

Francesca Cagnacci (PhD in Evolutionary Biology at the University of Siena) is a behavioural and conservation ecologist (study of animal movement and the effect of global change on it) and the leader of the Research Line in Ecology and Conservation of Movement (FEM). She has applied cutting-edge technologies and analytical methodologies in pioneering ways for the study of fauna.

The Colloquium will take place in Italian language.

Please use this LINK to access the online-Colloquium.