Andreas Hilpold

Project Manager | Trying to get things done… again and again 
T +39 0471 055 345

Chiara Paniccia

Mammologist | Fond to organize and arrange ecological data
T +39 0471 055 827

Elia Guariento

Entomologist | He is ready for a sprint whenever a butterfly crosses his way
T +39 0471 055 298

Enrico Rosso

Entomologist| Loves the tiny animals in and on our soil
T +39 0471 055 890

Francesca Vallefuoco

Limnologist | Loves the little creatures living in our streams

Julia Plunger

Entomologist | Digging holes in all kinds of habitats in order to catch tiny animals
T +39 0471 055 346

Julia Seeber

Soil Ecologist | Distinguishing between shades of brown and grey in order to give soils a name 
T +39 0471 055 318

Julia Strobl

Communication and Dissemination Assistant | Likes to share her love for nature
T +39 0471 055 832

Julian Von Spinn

Arachnologist | Enjoys untangling the webs of spider knowledge

Lisa Obwegs

Entomologist | Always searching for bugs and their antagonists
T +39 0471 055 307

Magdalena Vanek

Limnologist | Eagerly examines small creatures in our streams to determine the water quality

Matteo Anderle

Ornithologist | When the rest of the team is still asleep, he sacrifices his sleep to track birds
T +39 0471 055 828

Michael Steinwandter

Soil Ecologist | Likes to take long hikes up and come back with a heavy load of soil

Roberta Bottarin

Limnologist | She is used to wading through icy cold streams
T +39 0471 055 313

Ulrike Tappeiner

Project Leader | Guarantees that we don’t lose track 
T +39 0471 055 301

Associated scientists

Alex Bellé (I)

Mammologist | Bat ecologist… headphones are his best friends

Alexander Rief

Arachnologist | Likes to chase small invertebrates with (too) many legs and eyes

Eva Ladurner

Mammologist | When it comes to mice and bats Eva is our great support

Johannes Rüdisser

Ecologist and Biodiversity Researcher | Our butterfly monitoring expert and advisor for methodical and ecological topics


Current Trainees

Anouk Francine Von Meijenfeldt (I)

William De Grandi (I)

Sabine Brachmann (I)

Internship concluded

Alex Bellé (I)

Anna Katharina Lau (D)

Daan Gerard Curwiel (NL)

Elias Spögler (I)

Emanuele Repetto (I)

Fabian Vassanelli (I)

Felix Puff (I)

Giacomo Biziato (I)

Giacomo Imbalzano (I)

Jennifer Rossin (I)

Jarek Scanferla (I)

Joseph Kiem (I)

Jonas Weißensteiner (I)

Joy Giovanni Matabishi (RW)

Julian Von Spinn (I)

Julius Hecher (A)

Katharina Engl (I)

Laura Bellentani (I)

Lisa Schweitzer (I)

Luca Frattini (I)

Ludwig Camillo Baldaszti (A)

Luca Cola (I)

Magdalena Vanek (A)

Marc Skubski (D)

Morgan Jaslen Scott (US)

Moritz Hinz (D)

Nicola Eccel (I)

Nicola Larroux (I)

Nicolò Chiappetta (I)

Sarah Maria Gross (A)

Stefania Volani (I)

Teresa Zeni (I)

Thea Schwingshackl (I)

Valentin Heimer (D)

Verena Steinkasserer (I)

Vincenzo Meola (I)

Gone but not forgotten

Alberto Scotti


Florian Reichegger


Lisa Angelini


Simon Stifter